Successful NEETs

The Social Teahouse, Bulgaria

3 years after the Social Teahouse had been opened 14 girls and boys, grown up in orphanages, found their first employment there. After their job in the Teahouse they went on as university students, bar-tenders, volunteers, mothers and fathers, humans.

The project was created in 2014 by Maya Doneva and Stoyana Stoeva in Varna, Bulgaria. It aims to support young people problematic social and / or family environment, giving them an opportunity for independent living. In 2015, Social Teahouse opens doors officially as an alternative social space where young people with limited access to the labor market to get their first job.

A passion for a photography becomes a profession, Latvia

Raimonds (23 years) began his studies in University, but after a while decided to leave. During study time liked photography, so he decided to join Riga Style and fashion vocational high school, where after a year received photographers qualification.

Every year Youth Guarantee offer studies in 37 vocational education institutions, scholarship from 70 to 115 EUR per month, the necessary training tools and free accommodation in hostels.

A passion for a photography becomes a profession

State Education Development Agency informs that this youth action started in 2014, since then already 2084 students got a profession.

I CAN Employability Programme, Malta

Consisted of a number of training initiatives aimed to assist jobseekers, the inactive, and the employed who are interested in upgrading their knowledge.

I CAN Employability Programme

PUM-O: Project Learning of Young Adults, Slovenia

PUM-O is a programme of non-formal education, that helps NEETs to continue the studies or find a job. This project is available to young people from 15 to 26 years of age.

Three educational modules compose the programme: career planning and formation of vocation identity, general knowledge and personal growth, and creation of sustainable lifestyle. The PUM-O project will be going on until 2021.

The Adult Education Centre of Slovenia, on the invitation of the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, created the PUM-O which will be going on until 2021.

ESF 3.231 - Youth Guarantee, Malta

Genista research foundation was partner of the project ESF 3.231 - Youth Guarantee were we offered work exposure to youths, through this project which offers an opportunity to those who are not in employment, education or training to either access the labour market or education. The Youth Guarantee targets young people of less than 25 years and supports them with training, job exposure and personalised assistance, Equip NEETs with new and better skills and improve participation to lifelong learning, Provide NEETs with personalised development paths and personal assistance to overcome those barriers that are impeding their full integration in the society and Assist NEETs in finding a job and/or orientating them to further educational paths.

Youth Guarantee

Project Results: NEETs have improved skills and competences listed in Europass CV.

Innovative methods for profesional training, Romania

In the context of a lack of skilled professionals in the auto services market from the municipality of Rm. Valcea, we wish to implement a training project within an experienced European company for a total of 40 students that are in initial training at Henri Coanda Technological High-school, Ramnicu Valcea.

The project participants are 40 students enrolled in the tenth grade, specialisation "auto mechanic".

Innovative methods for profesional training

The main activities of the project are project management, information and selection of participants, training participants, implementing internship, project evaluation, dissemination of project results and ensuring project sustainability.

uring the project a specific methodology will be used in order to implement the internships in real working conditions including the use of methods such as non-formal education and learning through discovery.

Terra Nostra - Training with roots, Portugal

Caritas da Ilha Terceira (Azores) created the project TERRA NOSTRA - CAPACITATION WITH ROOTS, for young NEEF, who present in this region low qualifications and early school leaving.

Terra Nostra - Training with roots

The project had two training programs in the field of organic farming: sensitization for 12 adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18; Certified training for 24 young people over 18 years of age.

Balance: 14 participants, 13 certifications in organic farming, several reclaimed lands and in the process of certification of organic production, 5 young people integrated into the labor market in the training area and 2 others who started as organic farmers.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and a cross-border program funded by the European Commission, which began in 2009 and updated in 2012 an integrator of the Competitiveness and Innovation Program of the European Union. Enabling the on-the-job learning opportunity is the main goal of this initiative, which allows participation in efficient management ventures for its business through collaboration with more experienced entrepreneurs (host entrepreneurs).

The stay of the entrepreneurs in the selected countries can vary between one and six months. The period of validity of the program may be divided into periods of time (with a minimum mandatory duration of one week), provided that the total estimated period of time does not exceed 12 months.

The monthly amount paid to new entrepreneurs can vary between 560 and 1100 euros, according to the cost of living in the different host countries.

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