SEEDs among NEETs

Pass Ahead 2, Bulgaria

Pass Ahead 2

The EVS project “Pass Ahead 2” is sequel of the successful project “Pass Ahead”. The aim of the project is to include two young people who want to work with youth, as they are part of the organizing team for events of different nature, but aimed at young people and to learn how to run an NGO. They will be a part of our organization and will be involved in every aspect of the work of the association – from taking care of the communication with the partners, through meetings with young people discussing issues related to the opportunities for learning and development through EU programs, to implementation of “Erasmus +” projects or other programs aimed at the development of young people, both personal and professional

Your first EURES job (YfEj) Slovenia

Your first EURES job YfEj

Your first EURES job is an EU job mobility scheme to help young jobseekers find a job in another Member State. It targets both jobseekers and employers and provides a comprehensive mobility package which includes financial support.

It is a targeted mobility scheme to help young nationals in the 18–35 age bracket of any of the 28 EU countries and the European Free Trade Association/European Economic Area (EFTA/EEA) countries (Norway and Iceland) to find a work placement in another EU EFTA/EEA country than their country of residence. It also helps employers, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to find the workforce they need for their hard-to-fill vacancies.

Visit the European Job Mobility Portal. Watch a video about the portal.

SET2CLIL Project (2015-1-BG01-KA202-014337)

SET2CLIL Project

SET2CLIL is a project focused on development of training materials in social entrepreneurship using the CLIL method, which allows for acquiring knowledge and skills in both social entrepreneurship and a foreign language at the same time and deeply involves learners’ creativity and previous experience into the learning process. This innovative and challenging approach can be beneficial to most of the NEETs who did not fit to the formal educational system and are eager to try something “off-road”. SET2CLIL can provide youth workers with a modern, non-conventional tool to activate NEETs for inclusion.

Just a change - Monchique, Portugal

This project despite not being written to young NEET is undoubtedly an opportunity for unemployed university students.

Just a change - Monchique

The project uses the work of young, unemployed or not, for a week to develop activities for rehabilitation of degraded homes for elderly people in need in the area of Monchique. This is to provide a change in the lives of the elderly, but it is also an important change and life experience of the volunteers.

Project “Know and DO!” in Latvia

Youth Guarantee Project „KNOW and DO!” will give opportunity to 5262 young people in Latvia to have consultations, development of individual program of events or career counselling and provision of support measures.

Project “Know and DO!” in Latvia

Local municipalities will create strategic partnerships, for example, with national and local institutions, NGO’s, youth centres, social partners and other institutions that are engaged in the youth work within the goal to reach the target group, motivate and activate them in the project.

Team Europe Junior, Bulgaria

Team Europe Junior is a pilot innovative initiative by the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria to establish a team of young people, who are students, and who have the will, motivation and knowledge to participate as speakers in the communication activities of the Representation and of the Europe Direct information network in Bulgaria.

Team Europe Junior

Social Project Golden opportunity, Malta

Social Project Golden opportunity

Cooperatives Malta presented the main objective of this project which was to create job opportunities for vulnerable individuals and disadvantaged groups at risk which included two young vulnerable and eight prisoners. These prisoners are working in the oven Facility Correctional Services.

More opportunities,real equalities!, Romania

The specific objectives of the project are:

– promoting transnational mobility through voluntary participation of a total number of 6 young people in voluntary activities in support of Roma communities in Valcea County.

– reducing the school abandon and increasing the interest for the educational act in Roma communities where the voluntary activities will be implemented.

More opportunities,real equalities!

The project’s impact will be at local, regional, national and European level and will help to increase the quality of volunteering activities in support of the disadvantaged communities and minority communities.

On long term, the results will be in the benefit of the six volunteers, the sending organizations and the local communities where the project activities will be implemented.

Facilitation Skills for youth workers and NGO Leaders

The training is to strength the role of youth work and Non Formal Education in employability by training new 20 Facilitators in the field of Non Formal Education and Experiential Learning in order to be able to work with NEETS.

Facilitation Skills for youth workers and NGO Leaders

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